Thursday, February 20, 2020

Learning Reflection

Today for health we had to answer three questions about hauora. Here are the questions and answers.

A conclusion on what the ‘Whare tapa wha’ is and how it illustrates Hauora
Whare tapa wha is the whare with the four walls Taha tinana, Taha wairua, Taha hinengaro and Taha Whanau. This illustrates hauora because It is about your wellbeing and keeping yourself healthy.

How did you participate during this lesson?
By doing the work and doing it at my very best. By listening to the teacher. Next time I will try harder by completing my faster and with more quality. 
What is the current state of your hauora?
I think my current state of hauora is good. Here is a screenshot of what I made for this:

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Wonder - WIP

Intro - Close up, Spaceman jumps into shot , Slow motion to give the feeling we are in space.
-Intro symbol of the astronaut helmet , covers his face, represents the barrier august puts between himself and the world.

Music - starts quiet, slow but the tempo and dynamics increase to build energy in the scene we hear a radio of ground control talking to astronaut

-next it is a tracking shot as we move away from the figure. it is now a boy in a helmet jumping on his bed

- Close up  shows us augies reality or view of the world but as we pull back we see the real world

Nate "it is like leading a lamb into the slaughter"

Narrator 1 - Auggie   Narrator 2 - Via   Narrator 3 - Jack   Narrator 4 - Mirrand   Last Narrator - Auggie

2 mins - Building suspense as we still haven't seen the boys face. We dont know whats wrong but hints its bad - Hospital tags, School conva, Auggies dialogue in the voice over

Star Wars- a symbol of auggie wanting people to treat him normally - a safe place in the star wars universe there a lots of weird looking people so no one stares at then

Summer - " When choosing to be right or kind, choose kind"

Halloween Scene :42.56 second 

Body Language-change now has head held up high,walking with confident stride,interlarding with others

Music-Happy/upbeat-monster mash,fast tempo,lots of energy.

When he hears jack saying' if I looked like him I'd kill myself-music tempo gets slow, quiet dynamics  yo make us focus use of diagetic smart kids laughter.

- star wars charterer Darth sidious used by Julien to make fun of Auggie.

-Significant-We see Auggie loses faith in the idea of friendship-if Jack can be that mean behind his back hour can be trust

Links-to the Theme-Popularity acceptance I've seen this though Jack as he says what he knows Julian wants to hear so he doesn't become the target-get picked on 

Jacks fight scene: eye level mid shot makes us feel a part of the convo
sounds are diagetic low angle shot as boys hit ground, makes the scene more powerful and dangerous. Moves to close of the struggle
- Dutch tilt and low angle makes jack look more aggressive and violent.
-Music minor(sad), quiet dynamic - creates focus and intense. Slow-mo to see the event more clearly
significance- shows the theme of popularity/ acceptance jack has learned from his mistake and is standing up for Auggie

The nature reserve fight scene: 1.29 - 1.32
During fight shots used to make Auggie and friends look bigger more powerful & the bullies weak and vulnerable.
-Music has fast tempo to build intensity.
Significance - Auggie has grown has a character, he is now willing to stand up for himself.
Significance - Auggie finally feels acceptance when the other boys stand up for him and does´t have to hide behind a mask anymore.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Food Testing

Aim: What nutrients are present in different food.

Hypothesis: We are testing for simple sugar, Complex sugar and protein. The things that we are testing are bread, egg, glucose, apple, milk and potato.

What I think:

Bread: Complex sugar

Egg: Protein

Glucose: Simple Sugar

Apple: Simple Sugar

Milk:  Protein & Complex Sugar

Potato: Protein & Complex Sugar

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Film study language

This is a blog post to describe things in a movie.

Body language: Used to identify the emotion of a character.

Costumes: Used to describe the personality of a character.

Hair styles: It is often used to tell the personality of a character.

Make-up: Used to describe or show who the character really is.

Colour: Normally used to set the mood of the scene.

Lighting: Also used to set a mood or make something stand out.

props: Used to make the scene more realistic.

Settings: The places that the characters are in.

Dialogue: Someone talking in the background to explain.

Sound affects: Used to create a mood.

Music: Used to describe a scene

Silence: Used to create a serious atmosphere

Symbols: A object used to describe new ideas

Special FX: Used to create a more realistic look.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

My Christmas

This week in CIP I had to make a DLO about my Christmas here it is.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Playing To Win - Book Review

As you might know I have been reading Playing To Win by Fleur Beale I have posted a slide for all my tasks. Click here for slide. But I decided to post it on my blog because it is the final task.

Book review - I think this was a great book.  lots of interesting stuff like the car crash, were Denny chased Todd because he cut his brakes and were Todd and Denny had a drag race. I think this is  a really good book for everyone and people that like rugby.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Summer Learning Journey

Hello Emma my name is Cody  I am a year 8 at Hornby High School. My favourite subject is science.  I am looking forward to the summer learning journey.

 I think the summer learning journey was a great idea because it promotes learning through prizes and fun tasks. I registered because I do not want to go through the summer slide.

I do have one question who made the summer learning journey?